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Services offered by the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs in respect of citizenship matters 


     Confirmation that a person is A CITIZEN OF MALTA by birth. (See explanatory leaflet CEA/L/1)
     Acquisition of Maltese citizenship by REGISTRATION. (See explanatory leaflet CEA/L/2)
  • Wife/husband of a citizen of Malta (Click here for more information concerning the submission of a letter of intent following four and a half years of marriage)
  • Widow/widower of a citizen of Malta.
  • Former citizen of Malta
  • Child over 18 years of age born abroad between 21/9/64 - 31/7/89 of a Maltese mother
  • Person born outside Malta of Maltese descent
     Acquisition of Maltese citizenship by NATURALIZATION. (See explanatory leaflet CEA/L/3)
Persons would be eligible to apply after having resided in Malta for 5 years.  Maltese Citizens or the parents, who have authority over a minor child may, at any time, apply for a certificate of naturalization, on behalf of the said child, to be naturalized as a citizen of Malta. Applications are considered in the light of current citizenship guidelines and except in the case of minors citizenship is granted mainly to persons who have been residing in Malta for a considerable number of years. 
     Confirmation that a person qualifies to hold DUAL (OR MULTIPLE) CITIZENSHIP. (See explanatory leaflet CEA/L/4)
     Confirmation of national status for the registration of FOREIGN CERTIFICATES (Births, Marriages, Deaths) concerning citizens of Malta, at the Public Registry. (See explanatory leaflet CEA/L/5)
     Dual Citizenship Enquiry Form A CEA/L/16
     Dual Citizenship Enquiry Form B CEA/L/17
     Details of birth/marriage certificates form CEA/L/27